Beautiful Updos for Medium Length Hair

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You are preparing your medium length hair for a big event such as a prom, a wedding or just about any important occasion, but you do not have that time luxury to march to a hairdresser and wait long hours before he could attend and finish dressing your hair. Lucky for you, you have many medium length hairstyle choices to choose.

Feel like a star walking on the red carpet by flaunting your lovely medium length hair updo. Choose from some suggested styles here. Style your hair up or down based from the occasion and your preference. You just need the right hair accessories and you’re good to go. If you’re ready, check out these cutesy and chic hairstyles.

Preparing Your Hair

  • Wash your hair and apply the usual hair care products.

  • Leave your hair for a couple of minutes to dry. You can also blow dry it if you’re on a rush, but let it a bit damp.

  • To add a little texture or volume, you may want to use some curlers and iron it using some medium or large rollers. Alternatively, you can just twist your hair into a high bun overnight if you want to avoid any heat application.

The Fake Bob

A curly style brings out a real illusion of bob for your hair. What you will have to do is to curl and then pin your hair so it can look like a bob. You can add up a little bit of spice by dying your hair with chocolate brown or rich red. Your healthy hair will surely bring out its best with this great medium length updo. Additional tip: You could use some light hold hairspray, and then spray your hair with a shine spray.

Collage of Beautiful Updos - Fake Bob hairstyle

Five Beautiful Medium Length Updo Hairstyles – Fake Bobs

Photo Credit: Be Gorgeous Lady

The Whimsically Twisted

Get your bangs and have them on the side. Just get two equal sections of your hair from the sides. Then, twist every strand all the way to the very end away from your face. Then, put them at your back. Get the hair section on your side and then twist that again away from your face, and start pinning it at the back.

Do the same on the other side. Next, get your hair and then twist into a somewhat messy bun. Use bobby pins to secure the style into place.

The Whimsically Twisted Medium Updo

The Whimsically Twisted Medium Updo

Photo Source: Babble

The Alluring Waves

This is the stunning hairstyle for girls who love accents and softness. You can try this out for summer parties and other occasions. Iron your bangs to your sides, and then get a medium sized curling iron to curl your hair. You should start at the back by taking some horizontal sections, and then continue teasing your hair forward and reach your bangs.

Next, smooth your hair back, and collect your hair down into a ponytail. Start twisting clockwise, and then up tuck your hair into a twist. Finally, secure them altogether with bobby pins. Allow some curls to fall just around your face for a bit messy and soft look.

Medium Updo Alluring Waves

The Alluring Waves Updo for Medium Hair

Photo Source: Latest Hairstyles

There you have some beautiful hair updos for women with medium length hair. You can have them, too.  Style up and become the queen for the eyes of many. Shine in any occasion using the best hairstyles for women with medium length hair today!